2022 – Research Laboratory

THC, CBD, CBN … cannabis contains more than a hundred compounds which are all potential active principles. Because each patient is unique, our first research subject aims to develop a gradient algorithm to quickly identify the optimal dosage of THC and CBD.

Ultimately, the consideration of an increasing number of cannabinoids will allow our algorithm to take advantage of the true potential of medical cannabis.

2024 – Pharmaceutical Laboratory

In accordance with the legislation, France does not currently have any pharmaceutical laboratory manufacturing drugs based on medical cannabis. Arcanes Pharma aims in 2024 to be among the first to obtain a Marketing Authorization.

Because the success of a project relies largely on the strength of its team, we are already looking for experts in the various pharmaceutical specialties indispensable to the success of Arcanes Pharma.

*Actual growing area 8x larger

2025 – Production Unit

In order to guarantee replicable quality of the plant raw material, Arcanes Pharma aims to build its own growing facility in compliance with GACP and GMP, on an scalable surface of 40,000 ft².

Our fundamental differentiation from foreign producers lies in our fully environmentally responsible approach: Clean treatment of organic waste, use of natural fertilizers … and of course a maximization of the use of natural light, which is very abundant in the south-east of France.